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Your most trusted tree surgeons and Arborists throughout Western Australia!
Keeping your trees healthy and preserving their aesthetic beauty is the number one priority of Busselton Tree Surgeons.

Trees also have lives, they can easily get sick or damaged if your trees are not well maintained or need some surgical work done on them. So if you have troubles or problems with your tree’s health or structure, you need to call a professional and certified Tree Surgeon. Having no knowledge on how to handle or take care of trees is a little complicated when it comes to major projects like tree pruning and tree lopping. Always remember that safety comes first!

High-Quality Tree Care and Maintenance

At Busselton Tree Surgeons will provide full tree care and service for your home, rental, or residential and commercial properties at a reasonable price. They are committed in keeping your trees stable and healthy with their tree care services and customer satisfaction guarantee. They have a variety of methods and professional solutions to improve or manage the condition of your trees and use only the most reliable and quality equipment to ensure the safest and most efficient treatments. Their Arborists also have gone through years of preparation and on-the-job training to maintain, trim and prune trees. They are trained enough to consider the needs of your trees for long and healthier life.

For your tree care solutions, they offer:

Tree Pruning

Pruning or trimming the trees carefully eliminates any unwanted branches to improve tree structure, appearance, and healthy growth. If you choose Busselton’s tree pruning, your property will be saved from the potential damage of fallen branches or debris. You should also consider that tree pruning is important if you want to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Tree Lopping

This type of tree care is also the same with tree pruning, however, they will carefully remove or trim large side branches or large portions of the crown using specialised equipment. Tree lopping can be done twice a year to preserve your trees and the visual look of your property. If you are looking for a professional tree surgeon to reduce the size of your tree. Just visit to the contact page and choose a method to get in touch with us.

Tree Cutting

If the tree grows larger or the tree has died and becomes a concern or a threat, they will not only remove the branches but will have to cut down the tree to prevent any damage to your home or residence. But if you’re concerned about having no trees on your property, they can provide a list of appropriate trees for you to plant to have a healthy and sustainable environment.

Tree Mulching and Chipping

Apart from pruning, trimming, or removing trees, they also offer the recycling of tree waste by mulching and chipping branches or limbs. They use quality machines that will handle the leaves and branches to produce a fine grained, wood chips mulch. Instead of dumping it in the garbage, it will encourage us to recycle and help Mother Nature’s condition.

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes the trees are too damaged or unhealthy to recover, so if the tree fell over your power lines or on your house, they provide an emergency tree removal. Fallen trees should be removed as soon as possible to prevent any harmful threat to your family and neighbours. Since you can’t do it on your own, they have professional tree surgeons and arborists to secure your house and residence from future problems.

Why trust Busselton Tree Surgeons?

Busselton Tree Surgeons are locally experienced and well trained tree surgeons who specialise in every aspect of arboriculture to assist you with any tree work you will need and acquire. Their ISA Certified Arborists will help you whether or not the tree should be trimmed, pruned, removed, or treated and determine what method of tree care solution is appropriate for your trees.

Advantages of hiring their Tree Surgeons Includes:​

Consulting with their tree surgeons and setting up a plan for tree health care services will help inspect and determine how much work needs to be completed, how long it will take to finish the work and, how it will impact the environment. Branches and limbs are removed carefully to guarantee that the tree is secure and poses no risk to your property.

Their cost-effective and proper tree care services include:

Residential Pruning

Residential tree pruning is a highly recommended solution for securing and protecting your property from falling limbs or branches, also maintaining the quality, health and longevity of the tree.

Commercial Pruning

To have a good looking, safe and convenient workplace, Commercial Pruning is suitable for you. They specialise in the control and treatment of your trees, and guarantee that the trees are maintained properly while improving your brand image.

Stump Grinding

The tree stump will be carefully removed using their advanced stump grinders leaving a clean surface to prevent termites or white ants from living in the stump and giving you a fresh start for landscapes.

Hedge Trimming

Trimming hedges is not only meant for your landscape plans or designs, it can also act as a boundary for your yard or home. To help you with your hedge trimming, they provide proper and regular trimming or pruning of shrubs or hedges to keep it healthy and well structured.

Storm Clean up

They have storm clean up services for any emergency situation concerning fallen trees or large branches. Your safety is their priority, which is why you have nothing to worry about for any risk or damage.

Fire Hazard Reduction

Whether you own a forested property or few acres of land full of trees, they give solutions and preventive methods to help you avoid and reduce the risk of fire hazards with quality service and equipment.

Power Line Clearing

Power Line Clearing prevent trees or branches from hanging over your electric lines which causes power interruptions or short circuits. With their power line clearing operation, they guarantee reliable service and keep your property safe, clean and secure.

Somebody can be a tree surgeon or arborist after they have completed the tree climbing test, but their tree surgeons are not only climbing and cutting down trees. Busselton Tree Surgeon will provide full tree service or tree care support and maintenance for your home or business premises. If you’re looking for tree surgeons near me or want to acquire their assistance and services or a full consultation of your trees, please visit our contact page for more information.