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Power Line Clearing Service, Promptly Remove Trees from the Powerlines

Protect the lines from overgrown trees with Power Line Clearing Service.
A professional Power Line Clearing Service will reduce the risk of any powerline issues and provide quality solutions such as tree pruning or trimming. Overgrown branches or limbs are becoming a nuisance, particularly if they hit any power lines that may cause a lot of power failures or outages.

Powerline clearing is one of the dangerous jobs!

With the help of Busselton Tree Surgeon, you will no longer be troubled by your tree reaching your powerlines. They will promptly fix your tree problems together with their Arborists in order to maintain its stable condition. Their power line clearing service helps keep trees and branches from getting near your power lines and ensure reliable operation to secure other people and property.
They will handle the job successfully with their knowledge, expertise, advanced equipment, and a high standard of service.

When does a tree near the powerline need a trim?

You must keep the overgrown trees around the overhead power lines depending on the form of your electric lines or cable. The trees have to be trimmed as they enter certain proximity to the line and must be maintained at 1.5m from the lines but for a higher voltage powerline, the minimum clearance needs to be kept at 3m. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to check or maintain the distance of your trees from the powerlines to ensure a safe area and prevent any troubles.
So, if you have any troubles regarding powerline clearing or notice a tree reaching your powerlines, you can call Busselton Tree Surgeons, where your trees will be handled safely and effectively without damaging any of your powerlines or cables. To acquire some of their quality services, just visit our contact page, call or leave a message and our staff will talk to you as soon as possible
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